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Hair extensions for fine hair

Owners of fine and unruly hair know how hard it is to cope with them. Despite a sufficient number of them, it is more difficult to achieve the volume of the hairstyle than the rest — from the outside it seems that there is not enough hair. And then we start thinking about hair extensions. But how not to harm your hair?


The difference between fine and thin hair

To begin with, let's figure out which hair is fine, and which are called thin.
People with fine hair have a thick hairstyle and do not suffer from hair loss. Fine hair just has a smaller diameter. Hairstyles made of such hair often seem flat and there is a feeling that there is not enough hair.
Thin hair is the hair of which there are not many on the head. People with thin hair have problems with hair loss.

What to rely on when choosing a hair extension method for thin and fine hair?

So, as we have already understood fine hair is soft, delicate hair of small diameter. With this type of hair, special attention should be paid to ensure that the hair extensions do not cause irreversible damage or depletion of the hair. Hair extensions should not pull the hair of the head and lead to dry and brittle hair.

Owners of thin hair, we do not recommend hair extensions. First you need to stop hair loss and treat them. After that, it will be possible to resort to hair extensions.

Choosing the type of hair extension

Now that we have understood the difference between fine and thin hair, let's find out what types of hair extensions are suitable for fine hair.

Tape-in Hair extensions

A very popular method of fastening the extended strands. Tape hair is a good choice for owners of fine hair as they evenly distribute the load on the hair roots.

There are many varieties of Tape hair, they can be as Micro (have a smaller width and, accordingly, weight) so is Invisible. Also, Tape hair can be attached both by the type of sandwich, and using one Tape hair per strand.

Hair extensions with this type of extensions will not take much time and with proper care they can last you up to 10-12 weeks.

Hand-tied WEFT

Hand-tied WEFT has less weight relative to Machine WEFT and, accordingly, has less stress on your hair. Hand-tied WEFT can be made to order, where the master will take into account all your needs and make an extension with the desired hair density and weight.

WEFT hair extensions occur without the use of high temperatures and glue, which is undoubtedly better for the health of your own hair.

Our factory produces machine-made WEFT hair, however, thanks to the professionalism of our craftsmen, our extensions are the thinnest of Machine WEFT.

Micro-fusion hair extensions

This type of extension is very well suited for fine hair due to its small weight. Micro-fusion extensions weigh only 0.6-0.8 grams and do not put a lot of stress on your strands.

With this type of extension, a high temperature is used to melt keratin and attach an artificial strand to yours. There are several rules for Micro-fusion hair extensions:
During the build-up, it is necessary to use thermal protection products that will protect the hair from damage.

The master should monitor the temperature of the forceps and keep them around 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit.

We produce Flat Tip extensions weighing only 0.8g, so they are also suitable for fine hair. Also, the master can always cut the capsule in half. During production, we use certified Italian keratin that will not damage your hair in any way.


Even if you are the owner of fine, delicate hair – do not be upset. You still have a good choice among the methods of hair extensions. The main thing is to choose a good master and do not neglect consultations before building up. After all, if everything is done correctly, the possible harm will be minimal and you will get positive emotions from wearing extensions.

If you need hair extensions, you can contact us! MY Hair company uses exclusively high-quality materials for the production of hair extensions. If you don't find the right extension or color in our wide assortment, you can contact and ask about it! Since we are a factory, we can meet you halfway and make your order, which we do not have in the assortment.
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