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Hair extensions for short hair

"Is it possible to grow hair on short hair so that it is not noticeable?" perhaps the most frequently asked question in the hair extension industry. We want to comfort you right away that you can do hair extensions even with a bob haircut. The only thing you need is to choose the right type of extensions.

Choosing a suitable method of hair extension

Many girls who wanted to do hair extension their hair deny themselves a quick change of image due to the fact that their original hair length seems too small. Masters who have been engaged in hair extensions for more than a year remind you that you can grow hair in 90 percent of cases, even with the shortest haircuts. It is only necessary to remember that the length of native hair determines how many strands will be able to extensions.

The minimum length of the strands on which you can extension your hair is 3 inches. Most masters will easily cope with hair extensions from 5 inches long. However, you need to choose the type of extension based on how well your hair can hide extensions.

Tape Hair extensions

Tape hair is one of the most popular methods of hair extension. This type of extension can be used both for thin hair and for short hair. Tape hair has less load on the roots than, for example, WEFT hair. Which is undoubtedly their plus, also in order to install Tape extensions, you need to have only about 4-5 inches of your own hair length.

The only significant disadvantage of these extensions is that you will not be able to do some hairstyles. For example, it will be impossible to collect hair in a regular ponytail.
Pre bonded hair extensions
Probably the most popular type of hair extension. If you want to do hair extensions for a long period – pre bonded hair is perfect for you. Due to its small size, the fastenings are hard to notice, and if the master did everything correctly, it is almost impossible.

Although this type of extension will take longer than Tape hair extensions, but the result is worth it! For the pre bonded method, you need to have your own hair length of only 2.5-3 inches! Also, the fasteners themselves are very small, you don't have to worry that your short hair won't be able to hide them.
Clip-In Hair
Ideal for those who are not yet 100% sure that they want to extension their hair. Clip-in is great for healthy thick hair, you won't have any problems to hide the clip. If you are the owner of thin hair, we recommend that you pay attention to permanent hair extensions.

A huge advantage of this type of extensions is that they can be easily put on / removed by yourself. In order to look good with Clip-in hair, you need to have at least 4-5 inches of your own hair length. In order not to harm your own hair, we recommend using hairpins no more than 18 inches long.
For today, hair extensions for short hair is not a problem. You can experiment with your hairstyles with a calm soul and if you don't like or get tired of your short hairstyle, you can extneinsion your hair and not wait years for your hair to grow back to its former length.

If you have decided to change your image and are now looking for hair extensions – you are in the right place! Contact MY Hair company and order really high-quality hair extensions! Here you will find a wide selection and excellent prices!
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