Hair Extensions Market in 2023

The global hair extensions market will witness significant growth in 2023, attracting the keen attention of salon owners, wig manufacturers, extension masters, and offline and online store owners.

Table of content:
  • Market Overview and Key Trends
  • Natural vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions
  • Challenges and Market Strategies
  • Regional Distribution
  • Conclusion

Market Overview and Key Trends

The market is estimated to beworthapproximatelyUS$4.4 billion in 2023. This growth will be driven by several factors

Fashion and entertainment influence: Fashion and entertainment influence: Famous celebrities, models, and influencers are advocating the use of hair extensions, which is dramatically expanding the consumer base for the product.
Technological advances: Advanced technology is optimizing the production of natural hair extensions that blend easily with the user's natural hair.
Economic growth: Consumers in EU and US countries are increasing their purchasing power. Increased disposable income directly translates into increased demand for beauty products, including hair extensions and wigs.

Natural vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Slavic natural hair has a significant advantage over synthetic hair, with a market size of $4.44 billion in 2023. Its appeal lies in its versatility; it can be heat styled and colored, and has a long lifespan. Synthetic hair, by contrast, lacks durability and styling ability. It is clear that consumer preference is leaning toward natural hair.

Challenges and Market Strategies

Like many other industries, the hair extensions and wigs market has not escaped the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain disruptions, trade friction between countries such as China, Australia, and the United States, and store closures have affected the market. However, brands quickly adapted by moving to online sales and launching campaigns such as Mayben's #SaveTheSalon, which emphasized the significance of black salons and the importance of corporate social responsibility.

In the face of the crisis, manufacturers and key marketers focused on R&D, launched innovative products, strengthened their brand presence by partnering with celebrities and influencers, and sought out suppliers with whom they could do business on the best terms.

Regional Distribution

North America and Europe continue to dominate the hair extensions market. Significant growth in these regions can be attributed to growing consumer awareness of hair care products and increasing demand for slubbed hair.


The year 2023 is a watershed year for the hair extensions and wigs industry. Despite the challenges faced, the market has shown resilience and adaptability and continues to grow. As fashion, medical conditions, or personal preferences drive the need for hair extensions and wigs, the industry is poised to meet this demand by offering consumers quality, variety, and innovation.
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