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How Does Keratin Affect Hair Quality?

We all know that keratin-containing haircare products are extremely beneficial because, with the right molecular size, they can integrate into the hair structure and “repair” the damage caused by thermal styling procedures and colorings. But what can be said about keratin capsules for building? Do they have a similar effect? Let's find it out right now.

What Role Do Keratin Capsules Play?

Keratin capsules are an essential attribute of hot hair extensions. While the hot technique involves the use of a protein or polymer fixative, keratin acts as the first one. In particular, it is an artificial analog of the natural component, therefore, unlike polymer capsules, it’s harmless as much as possible. In addition, keratin capsules are easier to remove and don’t require too high melting temperatures.

How Are Keratin Capsules Built Up?

Keratin has been used in hair extensions for over thirty years. In particular, the hair extension master uses tongs that grab the capsule, melt it, and fix it together with the donor strand on native hair. All this happens very quickly: a round capsule is manually formed in a couple of seconds, and in the same couple of seconds, it is fixed, which prevents the donor strand from slipping.

4 Types of Keratin

In total, there are four types of keratin capsules for building:
  • Chinese, based on plastic inclusions or silicone;
  • Chinese, a medium-quality keratin;
  • European, ideal for Slavic hair;
  • Italian, top-quality keratin requiring timely rebonding and having the highest cost.

Which Keratin Is The Safest?

Hair extension specialists prefer to work with European and especially Italian keratin. It is hypoallergenic, and thanks to its initial form (a drop or a barrel), it’s well-fixed on native hair. Also, it can be easily removed during rebonding. Initially, such capsules have a clear blue or white tint, and after fixing on native hair, it get the same color as the hair itself.

In general, you have to understand that the high price of keratin for extension determines its high quality.

First, Italian keratin is only used for natural hair extensions, so you can always be sure that your extension specialist doesn’t use synthetic heat-resistant strands.

Secondly, unlike tape extensions, keratin capsules are almost invisible in the hair, so you can do any hairstyle (including high ones, such as ponytails) or leave it loose.

And finally, after cooling, keratin retains its plasticity without breaking and violating the structure of native hair.

Therefore, although extension keratin has a different purpose than the keratin found in haircare products, it's still one of the most desired components in an extension procedure.
Summing up, we emphasize that when buying keratin capsules, it’s better not to save money since a poor-quality product won’t give the desired result, and, moreover, when having a large percentage of additional ingredients, it can provoke a significant loss of your native hair.

As for top-quality hair extensions, you can buy Italian keratin systems in our online store.
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