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How to comb the hair extensions?

Here you have just figured out what hair extensions are, made hair extensions and you have new questions – "How to wash your hair?", "How to comb your hair", "What care products to use?", etc. Fortunately, today it is not difficult to learn how to take care of hair extensions. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to properly and harmlessly comb your hair.
The duration of wearing hair and their health depends on how well you take care of them. Therefore, the correct hair care should be treated with maximum seriousness.

How often do I need to comb my hair?

In order to have well-groomed, healthy hair, they need to be combed about 3-4 times a day. Thanks to this, you will not only look good, but also extend the service life of extensions.
Morning. No matter how obvious it may be, but not all girls do it. It's not enough just to run your hand through your hair, you need to comb them thoroughly with a comb.
Before washing your hair. By combing your hair before washing, you eliminate the possibility of tangling your hair during washing.
Before going to bed. Before going to bed, we recommend combing your hair again. This way you will get rid of possible tangles and in the morning the combing procedure will be much easier and faster.

How to comb your hair?

In fact, there is nothing complicated here, you just need to be careful while combing.
  • Divide the hair into layers and pin them up
  • Always start combing your hair from the bottom gradually rising up
  • While combing with the other hand, hold the hair and extensions at the root
  • Make smooth movements in order not to damage your hair
We do not recommend combing wet hair. While the hair is wet, it is weakened and you can damage it. It is better to wait until they are at least 90% dry.

Which comb should I choose for my hair extensions?

Many girls think that any comb is suitable for hair extensions. But this is a deep misconception. There are a large number of special combs for hair extensions that will not damage your hair.
When choosing a comb, pay attention to the materials from which it is made. It is best if the comb is made of wood, bone, nylon, or better of natural bristles. Avoid combs with massage balls at the end they will cling and confuse your hair.
The easiest thing you can choose is combs with sparse teeth. Such combs are not expensive and due to the large distance between the teeth will not damage your hair.

If your budget allows, then a comb made of natural bristles will be the best choice. Natural bristle combs are the most popular tool for hair care. Such combs do not damage your hair and do not let you accidentally pull them out.
Bristles have the property of cleansing the scalp from sebum, distributing it along the entire length of the hair. However, this also means that the comb quickly gets dirty and needs care. Wash and clean it 1-3 times a month.

Well, now you know how to comb your hair extensions so as not to harm them, and you will also be able to choose the right comb for this. We believe that you will have no problems with taking care of your hair) After all, your hair has an amazing and caring hostess!

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