Sale only from 200 grams
1 pack of 16" = 45g
1 pack 18-26" = 50g
The hair on the ribbons produced by our factory has an ultra-thin wear-resistant base, which ensures maximum comfort and long-term use. The polymer base of the tape is hypoallergenic and fits perfectly on the hair, and is also easily adjusted by washing. Leaves no traces of glue.
 For the manufacture of ribbons, we use Slavic hair of the highest quality with natural shine and flexibility, with preserved cuticle. Such hair is easy to care for, they can be dyed and tinted. With good care, it has an unlimited service life.
 Slavic hair on adhesive tape is used for a "cold" type of hair extension. We can offer you hair on ribbons of different sizes: 2.8 and 4 cm . There are 20 tapes in our set.
 This hair is suitable for women with thinner, softer hair, often lighter, and who are looking for a great effect of natural appearance and volume.