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What is bulk hair?

Many girls who decide to grow their hair face a lot of questions and incomprehensible words. One of these questions is: "What is bulk hair?"
Bulk Hair is hair without extensions gathered in a ponytail. They are the main material for the production of other types of hair extensions. Bulk hair can be either dyed or not. In the second case, such hair can be considered virgin hair.
After receiving the hair, we carefully sort them by length and texture, wash and dye. Throughout the entire production cycle, we strive to maximize the preservation of hair health and therefore do not use harmful products.
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Who buys bulk hair and why?

Bulk hair is usually taken by experienced craftsmen or manufacturers who make extensions themselves. From bulk hair, you can produce Tape-in, WEFT (Sewn in), various Fusion extensions, as well as wigs and hairpieces.

If you are interested in buying bulk hair, we recommend choosing our company. A company that is engaged in the production of Slavic hair extensions and has been supplying hair to its customers around the world for more than 6 years.