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What is I-Tip Hair Extensions?

Our clients are often interested in I-tip hair and not everyone knows what it is and how to build it up. In this article we will talk about:

What is I-Tip Hair?
I-Tip (also called Stick Tip and micro ring) is a small bundle of hair held together with molten keratin. The size of such a capsule is usually slightly larger than a rice grain and has the shape of a stick. Due to its small size, the I-tip has a small weight, no more than 1 gram (we produce an I-tip weighing 0.8g)
Many people confuse I-Tip with microlinks, however, these ways of extensions are different. Microlinks – fixed on natural hair using wefted track

What are they used for?

Hair extension Stick tip is used for the cold method of extension. You can lengthen or add splendor to your natural hairstyle. Due to its small size and weight, this type of extensions is well suited for owners of thin hair.

How does hair extension work?

I-Tip hair extensions are not particularly complicated and occur, as we have already said, without the use of high temperatures.

Artificial strands are attached to your natural strands using small beads. These beads are very small and plastic, so they easily compress your strands. They are mainly made of metal (copper, aluminum) with an internal silicone insert.

To attach an artificial strand, the master will thread a strand of your hair into a bead and move it to the base of your hair, and then insert an artificial strand into the same bead. After that, with the help of pliers, the master will clamp two strands of hair in the bead.

When micro ring hair extensions, it is important to contact professionals, because if you pinch the bead too hard, you can cause serious damage to your natural hair.

What are the pros and cons of Stick Tip hair extensions?

Well, when we figured out what I-Tip hair is, let's move on to their advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the advantages:
  • Due to their size, they are well suited for thin or short hair
  • No heat effect on your hair
  • With proper installation and care, they practically eliminate harm to their own hair
  • Can be reused
  • Do not cause discomfort when wearing
  • Easy and fast uninstall
Not bad qualities, you will agree. However, there are also disadvantages, fortunately there are not many of them
  • Long installation time
  • You need to be careful when taking care of your hair
We hope we were able to answer your questions regarding I-Tip hair extensions.

You can also order an I-Tip from us! We use Italian certified keratin and double drawn slavic hair of remy quality
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