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What is virgin hair?

Anyone who has decided to grow hair is faced with the concept of virgin hair, but even people who are well versed in the field of hair extensions do not all know what it is. There is a lot of confusion between Remy, virgin hair, 100% natural hair, etc. In this article, we will figure out what these "Virgin hair" are after all.

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is exactly unprocessed hair. They have a healthy shine, softness to the touch, the right cuticle and, accordingly, a high price. But what does " unprocessed " mean?
Unprocessed hair – in most cases it is hair from one donor. They have not been subjected to chemical treatment such as staining or lightening. Similarly, unprocessed virgin hair can be considered Remy. You can use such hair for 1-2 years

Processed hair – such hair has already been chemically treated. Usually such hair is not remy and is prone to tangling. Manufacturers soak such hair in a strong acid bath to remove the cuticle. After that, the hair is dyed depending on the needs of the manufacturer. The service life of such hair is at best 6 months

Where do get virgin hair?

The hair varies in origin, and the methods of buying hair in some regions are different. Since our company works exclusively with Slavic hair, we will tell you about where Slavic hair is taken. Later we will write an article about what types of hair there are by origin and how they are bought.
Hair can be obtained in two ways:

Through intermediaries. Such people are looking for girls who are willing to sell their incredible hair for a good price.

Contracts. We conclude a contract with the girls, on the basis of which the girl grows her hair (keeping an eye on their health!), and then sells them to us.

How to distinguish processed hair from untreated?

Today many companies fake hair. They are trying to pass off Chinese for European, unprocessed for processed, not remy for remy hair. But how not to get caught by scammers?

1. Feel the hair. Real unprocessed hair is soft and silky. While processed hair is often quite dry and not pleasant.

2. Unprocessed hair – remy. Swipe your thumb through hair in both directions. In the direction towards the ends - the hair will be smooth, and towards the roots – a little rough.

3. Most virgin hair naturally has ends lighter than the roots.

4. Processed hair is covered with silicone, but it is washed out after 2-4 hair washes. If your hair has lost its luster after a while and has become dull, it is not virgin hair.

5. Processed hair has a faint chemical smell.


Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically treated and has a cuticle in one direction. Such hair is more difficult to get and they are much more expensive than processed ones.
Buy virgin hair from trusted suppliers. Usually, scammers very rarely stay on the market for more than one year – they are still disclosed.

You can find natural Slavic virgin hair with us! We can offer you different lengths and structures of virgin hair.
Delight yourself and your customers with soft, silky, unprocessed hair!
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