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How to sleep with hair extensions?

Here you have done hair extensions and it's time to go to bed. But how to sleep with these extensions on your head?! It's inconvenient and how not to harm the hair?

It's not as scary as it seems. We just want to say that it is possible to sleep with hair extensions without harming them. You just have to stick to our recommendations that we have written for you below.
Comb your hair
Combing your hair before going to bed is a mandatory procedure. Thanks to this, you smooth out small entanglements formed in the hair throughout the day.
It is better to use a special comb for hair extensions. It will help you untangle tangles with the least harm. We told you more about combing and choosing a comb for extended hair in this article.
Silk Pillowcase
Many experts, even outside the field of hair extensions, recommend a silk pillowcase. And for good reason!

In addition to hypoallergenic and comfort, it also does not electrify, does not pull your hair and does not cause friction, which favorably affects the cuticle of the hair. Using such a pillowcase, you keep your hair silky and attractive.
Braid your hair
Another great way to protect your hair from harm. By braiding your hair into a light braid, you reduce the load on extensions and roots, as well as prevent the possibility of tangles. Ideally, you should also use a silk elastic band for hair.
A hat or scarf for sleeping
A good alternative to a silk pillowcase can be a silk hat for sleeping or a silk scarf. They will also protect your hair from electrification and preserve the cuticle of the hair.
Dry your hair
Do not go to bed with wet or damp hair. Wet hair is easy to tangle. It is better to spend a little more time in the evening than 2 hours in the morning untangling tangles.
A harmless dream with hair extensions is not such an incredible thing. You just need to properly prepare your hair for bed, which with regular care does not take even 30 minutes. And also use miraculous silk)
We hope that your hair extensions will bring you only positive emotions and you will quickly make friends with them.

And remember, for the selection and purchase of hair, you can contact us! Our managers will be happy to help you with the selection, and our factory will produce the hair of your dreams!
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