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How to untangle hair without causing harm?

With the growing popularity of the hair extension procedure, more and more information about it appears and myths about the build-up are dispelled. Many people decide on their first hair extension and face a lot of things that they don't know how to solve yet.

Continuing our series of articles about hair care for extensions, we decided to touch on the topic "how to untangle hair for extensions without causing harm." After all, you've had tangles and, perhaps, you've had this terrible thought "it looks like it can't be fixed.... we'll have to cut it off." In this article we will tell you:

1. Why does hair get tangled
2. How to untangle hair without harm
3. How to avoid tangling hair

Why typography matters?

Before we talk about how to untangle tangled hair, let's look at the root cause.
We all know that our hair has a protective shell – the cuticle. The cuticle of our hair consists of keratin scales pressed together. In healthy, undamaged hair, the cuticle has a smooth surface. However, in damaged hair, these scales literally stick out in different directions – because of this, the hair gets tangled with each other.
But hair damage is not always the cause of tangles. For example, if the hair is tangled only a few times, it may be an accident or, alternatively, a consequence of an incorrectly chosen hairstyle for sleeping.

How to untangle hair without harm

Now that we know why the so-hated tangles appear, we will tell you how to untangle them without harming or aggravating the situation.

1. Make the hair wet. Do not try to untangle dry hair. Make them a little wet so that they become more elastic and obedient.

2. Use a spray to untangle. The detangling spray softens and smoothes the cuticle of the hair, which makes them smooth and gliding.

3. Divide the hair into sections. The problem is easier to solve in stages. Divide the hair into sections using hairpins. Thus, you will prevent further entanglement and it will be easier for you to untangle your hair in small parts.

4. Comb your hair from the bottom up. Starting to comb your hair from the end, gradually moving up, you grab small parts of the tangle, and not the whole, thereby making it easier for yourself to robot.

Start by gently combing with your hand first. Then take a comb with wide teeth and just as carefully comb through the hair holding the hair above with the second hand. After you have combed your hair with a comb with wide teeth, take a brush made of natural bristles and start combing your hair again.

5. Moisturize your hair. After you have untangled the tangles, moisten them so that they do not fluff. Apply conditioner or oil to your hair.

How to avoid tangling hair

You will hardly want to repeat this every day. In order for tangles to appear as rarely as possible, the hair needs to be properly cared for.
Keep an eye on the health of your hair. Comb them 2-4 times a day (How to comb the hair extensions?) and do not allow dry hair – moisturize them using oils or conditioner. Before going to bed, collect your hair with a rubber band or braid it into a braid.


No matter how terrible the problem may seem at first glance, everything is not so terrible. If you untangle your hair carefully and slowly – you will succeed! We hope we could help you with the problem of tangled hair.
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